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Harps, hammer dulcimers, and other unique string, percussion and
wind instruments both ethnic and traditional

Established in 1979, our store was founded on the idea and dream of promoting the joys of traditional & acoustic music of all kinds. Through a devotion to our vision and customers' loyal support, we feel closer to our dream.

Celtic Harps

We carry one of the largest selections of Celtic harps to choose from on the west coast. Prices range from $300 up. We sell harps made by: Triplett Harps, Blevins Harps, Dusty Strings Harps, Stoney End Folk Harps, Thormahlen Harps, Harpsicles, Caswell Harps, and Sandpiper Harps.

We sell harp books, teaching materials, accessories, and music by Kim Robertson, Sylvia Woods, Deborah Friou, Laurie Rasmussen and many others.


Best Guitars!

Our current guitar stock reflects an instrument for all levels of players. Entry level acoustic guitars starting at discounted prices of $139 with a lifetime warranty and set-up for beginning players are an astounding value!

We have a solid line of Samick and Blueridge guitars (acoustic & acoustic-electric) starting at $139. Our top line of instruments represent some of the most contemporary thoughts in guitar building today. Among these makes are American made Taylor and National, and Canadian made Larrivee. Deals abound every day. Come in and peruse our exciting stock of instruments!

Quality Beginning MANDOLINS starting at $229 (SALE price!)

Our mandolins vary in price from $89 to $2395. Even though their necks are short, mandolins are high tension and their necks are prone to developing deep valleys, rendering them extremely difficult to play. Better instruments have truss rods to correct this malady and bring the instrument back into alignment. The better the instrument, the easier and more predictable these adjustments are to make. Stability of the top is also very important. Brands we sell are Weber, Mid-Missouri, Kentucky, Michael Kelly, Aria, Samick, and Johnson.

Quality Beginning BANJOS starting at $269 (SALE price!)

Our banjos vary in price from $269 to $2500. We carry, Gibson, Deering, Goldtone, Mead, and Rover. Aside from the look of an instrument, structure, playability and tone are the most sought after features in a good instrument, and price always reflects this. The necks are so long that stability is important.

Internally, banjos with tone rings have a bigger sound, and price is always reflected in the quality of hardware and its ability to draw the banjo head down for a good crisp sound.

We also have banjos by T. Mead - Beautifully handcrafted frailing banjos, Mountain Banjos, Banjeurines and Mandolin-Banjos priced at $395 - $695.

Ukuleles and Flukes and Fleas!

We carry Lehua ukuleles from Portugal ranging from $325 and up. We also carry the Flukes and Fleas made by the Magic Fluke Company. These come in many exciting colors and designs.

Strumsticks! No wrong notes!

This is a fun, not frustrating instrument. Fret one string, strum all three. Whatever you do sounds OK. Designed for beginners, musicians love it too. Pick, instruction book & CD included.

Ethnic Flutes - We stock Australian didgeridoos, Shakuhachi, Native American Indian flutes, Panpipes, Irish flutes, ocarinas, and puny tunes.

Drums - We have everything from African Djembes and Talking Drums to Tongue (slit) drums, Doumbeks, Frame Drums, Irish Bodhrans, and Gourd Kalimbas (sansa or thumb piano)

Upcoming Music Events - In this section we list concerts & other events in Santa Barbara and nearby, plus gig dates for favorite locals such as Tom Ball and Kenny Sultan, Lorin Grean, Cache Valley Drifters, Gilles Apap & the Transylvanian Mountain Boys, & concerts presented by Peter Feldmann, and the Great Shobe.

Mc Spadden Mountain Dulcimers

These century-old American folk instruments require no musical knowledge, no electronic equipment. They sing the simple melodies of the old songs and hymns with a lyrical voice. The McSpaddens combine fine craftsmanship with rich black walnut and spruce woods to make dulcimers that bring joy to the eye as well as the ear. Each one is set-up for ease of playability, and comes complete with owner's manual, instruction book and warranty.

Dulcimer and deluxe gig bag: $355

Have you always dreamed of playing the harp?

Why dream when you could be playing one this holiday season. These beautiful, finely handcrafted instruments are easier than most people think. If you can play the piano, you can play the harp! We carry one of the largest selections of harps to choose from on the west coast. They come in many different sizes, woods and prices. Come by the store or phone us and we will answer all your questions about harps and playing them. We'll even help you find something to fit your needs and your budget. Prices range from $565 up.

We also carry all the books, cassettes, CDs & videos you might need to learn how to play the harp or expand your harp repertoire! We have the best in-store harp teachers, for private lessons.

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